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lisa kaese

owner / facility Coordinator / senior appraiser

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David Rivers

owner / facility Coordinator / senior technician

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​​​Hail Management & Appraisal Group

  Alex rivers


     Technician &

         r&i Specialist  

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For over 25 years our team has been involved in all major aspects of the Automotive Repair Industry. In 2009, David and Lisa crossed paths while she was managing a major Toyota Facility that was hit with hail in Upstate NY.  The entire dealership’s inventory had been damaged. Lisa was in dire need of a team that could come in, get the vehicles fixed quick and properly. Then, along came David and his team.  

After years of dealing with companies who couldn't perform to her expectations, she was very hesitant of yet, another team coming into repair her entire inventory. Within days, Lisa and her staff were sold!  David and his team not only met all of her expectations, but they exceeded them.  Impressed with the quality and productiveness of each other, David & Lisa decided to join forces. David’s technical background, combined with Lisa’s Collision Management & Insurance Industry background was a perfect match. This gives HMAG over 50 years combined knowledge, experience and respect within the Industry creating a company like no other. 

  • HMAG provides a Storm Management package targeted specifically to our customer’s needs.  We provide a variety of services, varying from strictly Hail Repair to “Complete” Storm Management. Our services include appraisers on staff to evaluate, negotiate and settle claims with insurance providers.  We have numerous relationships with major insurers, fleet companies and manufacturers to ensure a streamline process. 

  • HMAG only employs and works with the most professional staff. We handle your catastrophe as we would our own!

  • HMAG has provided Hail Repair Services around the world.  We have worked across the globe with many different companies. Our team has numerous relationships throughout The United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

No job is too big nor too small, HMAG has you covered!

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julie lyons

sales & marketing specialist

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